Alfasud Saloon & Sprint SUDSHOP Twin Carb Silicone Coolant Hose Set



These black silicone hoses have been custom made for us by a local company to a very high standard.  They look fantastic!


We currently only have Twin carb sets available, but we will be looking to have some Single Carb Sets made soon.

This is a full set of coolant hoses (13 in total):

Top Hose

Bottom Hose

Cylinder Heads to Thermostat Hoses (2 x)

Waterpump to Thermostat Hose

Header Tank Hoses including red overflow pipe (4 x)

Right Hand Heater Hose to T Piece

Right Hand T Piece to Thermostat Hose

Left Hand Heater Hose to Large T Piece

Large T Piece to Water Pump Hose

2 x T-Pieces


Please note that these hoses can be trimmed easily with a sharp knife, should you need to trim a small amount off.